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You've heard of 'Botox', right?

Most people have heard of ‘botox’. Botox is a brand much like Kleenex is the brand for the tissues you use to blow their nose.

The actual drug being injected is Botulinum Toxin Type A. I use the brand Xeomin which is the same drug but different name and different drug company manufacturing the product.  Xeomin is known at the 'naked botox', free of complexing proteins.  I consider this a more pure form of the drug with less ability to form antibodies and become resistant to its effects.

Botulinum Toxin Type A works for approximately 12 - 15 weeks. After this time frame the expression lines you are treating will return. For best results, book your next treatment in approximately 11 - 12 weeks.

Pricing per unit of Boutlinum Toxin Type A used is $9-10/unit.

Average units required (female dosing):

• Frown Line: 25 - 40 units
• Brow Lift: 6-10 units
• Crow’s Feet: 6 - 18 units
• Forehead lines: 5-14 units

Lip Flip: 4 units



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