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Mobile Medical Aesthetics

About me

My name is Jody Murray (Timpson) and I am the founder of Mobile Medical Aesthetics.  I have been practicing Family Medicine since 2008, Sport Medicine since 2015 and Cosmetic Medicine since 2017.

Thinking of hosting a party?

Get in touch with me for details at [email protected]

With a group of your friends, enjoy taking care of your wrinkles in a low stress, non judgemental space.  Groups should be of 4 or more people and under 10 preferred.  You organize the group and I take care of the rest!  I am also available for individual appointments.  Please follow me @lips_and_lines or see my online booking page at lipsandlinesappointments.as.me for further information.

Mobile Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics

in the comfort of your own home

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